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LightLure Night Fishing Light

Rated 4.8/ 5.0 by 1249 happy customers

LightLure Night Fishing Light


Put out a great spread but to attract fish? I laughed. Nearly jumped out of my chair which was only in the water about a foot when an 18 plus inch small mouth bass swam up to my feet then over to the light. I was blown away..

- Rob C

  • Incredibly Attractive Attract prawns, squid shad bass trout redfish, and to your favorite spot with these super bright led fishing lights. This night fishing lure bait performs equally well in small fishing nets, sea fishing, cage fishing, and light cover net.

  • Super Bright This submersible fishing light has 120 LEDs, 10.5W, 1000 lumens brightness. LEDs arrayed in an 8-sided design to provide a full 360° of light output

  • Perfectly Waterproof With special waterproof sealants on the outside of the lamp instead of wrapping in a normal plastic case, superior IP68 waterproof ability will not fog up or got water inside when using.

  • Built in Weight No added weight required (light-160g, Wire-220g). No more worry about floating. Suitable for fishing both in freshwater and saltwater.

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Recommended by fishing clubs and communities across the globe


  • Designed for use in ponds, lakes, rivers, freshwater, and saltwater, LightLure™ fishing light will attract fish near your dock, pier, or favorite fishing spot. LightLure attracts small fish, small fish attract predator fish. 

  • Add LightLure™ to your tackle box and outdoor sports gear. In addition to your bait and lures, this portable LED lighting kit will increase your chances of reeling in the best fish. Make a better fishing trip memory with your loved ones.

Attracts Thousands of Fish

  • No matter which fish you’re going after, LightLure™ will help you get more bites and catches.

  • Place LightLure™ under your boat or near your dock, and it'll instantly attract all of the fish around it.

  • Lighted night fishing will help you create wonderful memories with your family and friends for years to come.


  • LightLure™ is a heavy-duty, 12V fishing light that's great for boats and pontoons, and can be used in freshwater or saltwater, a river or lake

  • Use AquaLure™on your boat or kayak, and create your own personal aquarium of fish. It will provide a pleasant glow and act as a night light for summer fishing under the stars.


  • LightLure™ features alligator clips, meaning you can take it on your houseboat, speedboat, or fishing boat. 

  • Simply attach the alligator clips to a 12-volt battery, and it can operate for days on end.

  • Keep it in your dock or ice fishing house for convenient use.

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Is it a durable and high quality product? 

The product is designed in USA so you can enjoy the affordable price without sacrificing the quality. You can be sure that this product can be used for a long period of time.

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Customer Testimonial


We are so confident that the LightLure™ Fishing Light will help you attract thousands fish with ease, that we offer a 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. At North Pro Fishing, it has always been our goal to deliver quality. We stand behind each of our products with no hesitation.

LightLure Night Fishing Light

Rated 4.8/ 5.0 by 1249 happy customers

LightLure Night Fishing Light


I was skeptical about this light but the first time I put it in the water I saw how great it was. I used it in a canal in the florida keys and instant bait fish and if cast about a 6 foot circle of light around the light. It attracted tarpon and sharks. We caught a 5 foot nurse shark and a 5 foot tarpon just days after buying this light. Highly recommended!

- Alex B

Max 3 per customer

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